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What Readers Are Saying About Davy Meets His Goliath


11-Years Old

“Best way to tackle your enemies.”



“Davy Meets his Goliath is an excellent book for young people, parents, schools, and practitioners about the importance of kindness, the impact of bullying, making wise choices and changes, the principle of forgiveness, and personal growth. “Written in age-appropriate language, both younger children and teenagers will benefit from its contents. The thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter will help the reader explore chapter contents and provide further insight on the topic. At the end of the book is a helpful parent guide to assist parents with book contents. “The book is written from a Christian perspective, including Bible verses; however, it can be applied to all faith perspectives. Also, from a therapeutic standpoint, Davy Meets his Goliath is an excellent addition to a therapist's toolbox.


Children’s Ministries

“One of the best methods to capture your audience and teach a lesson is through a story. The greatest Teacher used this method to reveal deep truths, and still does today. “Davy Meets His Goliath is a powerful tool for parents and teachers. James uses a story to discuss a sensitive topic to today’s kids. This book has helped us guide our children into a conversation about how to navigate relationships, treating others the way we want to be treated, how to stand up for yourself and others, and when to elicit the help of adults. “The powerful theme of trusting God to work in our lives and how the support from family and friends can encourage children to make good choices is evident in the pages of this book. Thanks for the resource, James!”


Author of In The Shadow of Mr. Lincoln

“James has written a book to capture a child's heart. Readers, no matter their age, will see themselves in Davy's story. Parents and teachers will appreciate the guided questions to help their young readers navigate the topic of bullying. Great for classrooms and family rooms, but a MUST READ for anyone who has ever dealt with bullying, loneliness, and making new friends."



                “Davy meets his Goliath is an excellent short story for kids that directly addresses the subject of bullying. More than that, it invites the child as well as an adult, teacher, parent, etc. to open a meaningful dialogue on some of the causes and effects of being bullied.    Beyond that, there are worksheets included that allow children to express their feelings on being bullied and to discuss reasons on why it may occur, ways to deal with it, and how to help others get through the experience.  Davy meets his Goliath is an easy and interesting read, and I would recommend it as required reading to all elementary school children and teachers."


Teacher, former K-12 Social Studies Coordinator

“The story is wonderful. The conversation it brings is essential for not only kids but also adults. Bullying is certainly a problem for young people, but it is also something that happens to adults. The story leads people to a conversation on how to handle bullying. We need to practice the steps of how to handle difficult situations. I was a big fan of practicing difficult situations with my children and modeling how to handle themselves when unpleasantness happens. This story provides a model on how to walk through the steps of conflict.  Most importantly, the story models that we need to ask for help.”


9-Years Old

“I like the way Davy talked to his parents.”


10-Years Old

“I enjoyed reading this book. It reminded me of how important it is to treat others the way I would like to be treated. Have you ever gotten bullied or pushed? I haven’t gotten bullied, but I have seen it happen, and it was a mean thing to see. We all need to treat people with respect and reach out to those we see being mistreated.”

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