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A Note From The Author

I am blessed to be the father of three grown children. As parents, we know raising children is not always easy, especially in these trying times. There are always ups, downs, challenges, and triumphs.

“This story came to me during one of those challenging times, and God tugged at my heart to complete it. Davy Meets His Goliath offers an opportunity to build relationships with your children and open communication that is essential to all good relationships. Having forgiveness in our hearts is so very important because, at some point, we all fall short. When we do, love and kindness will be needed to be able to forgive completely. That is the message I was given by God to share with you through this story.

“In building the best foundation for our children, we can nourish that good relationship with the love of Christ so all of God’s good plans can pour into the heart of what we pass on to this world, a child of God, a true follower of Jesus Christ.

“I hope that the heart of God within you and me as poured out into the pages of this book brings joy to all who read this story because joy can be found in all of it… if you just know where to look.” may the world find peace in God.

author of childrens book

Together We Can End Bullying!

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