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Project 1

​​Davy Meets His Goliath is currently creating a Christian-based website that will provide help for children who get caught up in the destructive cycle of bullying. Your gift it forward contribution or purchase from our swag store can help change the lives of children in need of breaking free from the hurt that comes from bullying. When you gift it forward or purchase an item, you and Davy will give a book free of charge to children who need your help. Plus, it will help with the creation of the site as well.

Our website,, will allow children and parents to get valuable and practical advice when they don’t know where to turn. Through the teachings of Jesus Christ in this outreach program, we will be able to impact the lives of children and families in your neighborhood and around the world. PLEASE ACT TODAY, give from your heart to help end bullying!

Project 2

The student ministry project invites youth groups from around the world to participate in a movement looking to teach the word of Jesus to promote love and kindness over hate and violence. In today's world, we see the harmful effects of bullying and violence too often. We can come together to fight against this behavior and make a difference in our communities. By registering your church's children's ministry or youth group, you may be able to secure books and study guides at no cost. For more information, use our Contact page to let us know your interest.

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