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Please Help Davy Stand Against Bullying!

Hello and welcome. Davy Meets His Goliath and are Christian-based self-funded projects on a mission to raise awareness of the devastating effects of bullying. Davy Meets His Goliath has put together a way for our readers to gift it forward and help address this dire situation. You can now buy a book to give to a youth group or organization, and when you do, Davy will provide one as well. Davy believes this can help children get a book they may not have received; otherwise, and participate in the learning process of good moral values with other children in their community. We also have added a swag store to our website to purchase Davy Meets His Goliath. And Together, we can end bullying apparel. These items are trendy, but more importantly, the swag sale allows us to print books to give to children in need. For every item purchased, we can generate free books to print and distribute to youth groups and ministries, all while spreading Davy's message through community events that will raise awareness and help put an end to bullying in our world.

Our planning stage also includes a Christian-based informational website for children, adolescents, and parents alike to gain access to vital information to help them learn how to deal with bullying. Whether being bullied or being a bully, the website will care for both ends of the suffering. Once again, your participation in these projects is so meaningful. Davy is hoping that many will join him, and together we can get this story and workbook material into the hands of children. His goal is to print 1 million books to give to children in need of help and have a fully- functioning website presence to assist as many children as possible. Just think of the love and kindness we can spread through our world by achieving this goal, and what a better place we can create for our future.

Bullying in itself is a disturbing behavior that affects our children and ultimately our society, seemingly at a deeper level than ever before. I'm sure we can all relate to the uptick in school violence, mass shootings, child suicide, and other forms of violence; the numbers are staggering. So PLEASE help fight against this harmful behavior.  Please gift it forward as many times as possible. Or buy from our store to share with family and friends; all are appreciated. Your kindness and generosity will help children in need who can then reach out and get the advice as taught in the Bible and learn how to love their friends and neighbors as Jesus loves us.

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