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  • Davy Meets His Goliath brings light to a very dark, trending behavior in our culture, one that has been around throughout time. Bullying and being mean to others has reached an epidemic proportion in our society and is now affecting even our youngest children, this is just not acceptable at any level.

    This book will gently guide our children through a loving and forgiving story bringing forth the opportunity to resolve conflict and bring understanding to both sides of a difficult situation. When we come together to work out our differences and hurts, we can be the overcomers we were created to be in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. When family and community strike a deal to work out the differences we face, we become better people through kindness and forgiveness.

    We can make the world a brighter place through this inspiring story of love, kindness, and forgiveness. Our children are the future and need to know love for each other and, most importantly, the Love of Christ that exists within us all. When we call upon it we can make a miraculous change within our hearts.
    God Bless, and enjoy.

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