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Welcome were so glad to see you're interested in addressing the harmful effects of bullying. 

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Help Davy Bring An End To Bullying

Our mission is to assist in teaching children at a young age that Bullying is not an acceptable solution to the conflict, and violence will not take away the feelings and emotions driving the anger behind the behavior of Bullying. Bullying almost seems insignificant compared to today's environment and world events. Still, if we take a pause and think about this a little deeper, the act of Bullying, which by definition is to seek harm, intimidate or coerce, is directly related to so much of the hatred, violence, and hurt that we are witnessing in the news events all around the world. When one person chooses to take control over another by force or intimidation, that is a form of Bullying; when this behavior is learned and embedded in the minds of our children as a solution to their conflict, things can and will go terribly wrong.

  Davy Meets His Goliath is a Christian Children's book about a fictional ten-year-old boy confronted by a Bully when starting at his new school. This story teaches the fundamental life principles set for us by the teaching of Jesus Christ and is considered age appropriate for children 6 to 13 years old. At the end of each chapter are conversation starter questions to discuss with your child and review the chapter lesson as you go through the story. Also, Bible verses reinforce the reading and instill biblical truths and values in the reader, developing a more profound understanding. The questions and bible verses help the kids learn and understand better ways to resolve conflict and avoid resorting to anger or violence while providing insight into your child's thoughts and experiences with the behavior of Bullying. The feedback has been excellent so far, and parents have been quite surprised by what the conversation has brought up with their kiddos!

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